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All you probably ever wanted to know about CPM's BIOS.

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Supporting the trailing edge of technology since 1983.  (Hardware and software)

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"CP/M 80 is now available for download from this site."


John Elliott's Home Page.
Most (all?) of the pages in this site are dedicated to computers and / or operating systems which unkind people might describe as obsolete.
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Programs, programs, programs!


We can read your Kaypro II, Kaypro 1, Kaypro 2, WordStar disks and send you a disk with the same files in various word processor formats including:  MS Write, MS Word 6 for Windows, MS Word 7 for Windows 95, Lotus AmiPro, Lotus WordPro, HTML, Framemaker, PFS: Write, Volkswriter, WordStar 7, WordStar for Windows, Word Perfect, and much, much more!

Walnut Creek CD-ROM 

18,000 files including programs, docs, and more for the CP/M operating system.

We be German 

Use Alta Vista - they have a German translator available.
NEU!  We be German, too

German CP/M World

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